How To Register With The State Bar

How To Register With The State Bar

How To Register With The State Bar

Once you begin law school and know that you wish to practice in the State of California, you should register with the California State Bar. Although you may register with the State Bar at any time during law school, it is strongly recommended that you register and complete this requirement during your first 90 days of law school. You only need to register once since your registration never expires.

Although federal law does not generally require a person to provide a social security number when submitting any type of application, an applicant for a license to practice law in California must provide a Social Security number under Business and Professions Code §§ 30  and 6060.6 and Family Code § 17520. Applicants who do not have a Social Security Number must submit a request for an exemption when they register online.

Lawyers who wish to practice in California must be licensed by the State Bar. The State Bar’s admission requirements are in California’s Business and Professions Code. Applicants must receive a positive moral character determination after an extensive background check. Prospective applicants are also required to prove compliance with any court order for child or family support in which they are an obligor.

All applicants for admission to practice law in California must pass the California Bar Examination and the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination. Some applicants may also be required to take the First-Year Law Students’ Examination, also known as the “Baby Bar,” after completing their first year of law school.

First, connect to the California State Bar website and click the “Admissions” link on the right side of the page. You will choose whether you are registering as a law student or attorney. There is a one-time fee of $119. You will receive a confirmation email and then will be able to work on your online application.

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