Unwinding After The Bar Exam

Unwinding After The Bar Exam

Unwinding After The Bar Exam

Many recent California law school graduates in men and many not so recent law school graduates took the California bar exam in October period. Of course, the coronavirus pandemic created stressful conditions and circumstances for all those involved. The test was originally scheduled, as it usually is, for July but was postponed until October because of the COVID-19 quarantine. Now that the exam is over, exam takers are more than ready to unwind having survived taking the exam under, especially unusual and unexpected circumstances.

Typically, law students graduate in late spring or early summer and prepare for the bar exam in July. This year, after finishing their studies under the pandemic’s early effects in the spring of 2020, law school graduates were faced with the uncertainty of whether and when California and other jurisdictions would offer the examinations.

But now the bar exam is over, and examinees deservedly should seek the benefits of relaxation. A good mindset is to always recognize the importance of taking care of yourself. This perspective is conducive to the resilience and fortitude necessary to achieve success.

One way to unwind is to avoid people who want to discuss the bar exam itself. It is especially wise to avoid those who are alarmist and pessimistic about their test performance. Focus on doing something that you truly enjoy each day  Do something that reenergizes you and makes you eagerly anticipate the next step of your life’s journey.

While it may be difficult to avoid post-exam anxiety, even anger, based on your perceived performance. It is important to trust yourself and the great body of work that you did in preparation. Feelings of anxiety and uncertainty are normal and are not indications of failure. Identify anxiety triggers and choose to stop reliving the stress of the exam.

Here are some ways to reduce stress after the bar exam:

  • Fully engage in an activity in which you have not participated for a long time
  • Look beyond the exam with a positive plan and perspective regardless of the results
  • Participate in yoga, meditation, or other activities that reduce stress
  • Resume healthy habits
  • Travel
  • Do something special for yourself
  • Spend time outdoors
  • See an old friend


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