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Setting Up the Most Effective Work Area for Distance Learning

distance learning

No matter where you attend law school, get ready to spend a great deal of time after class situated comfortably at your desk--and even if you are engaged in online, distance learning at a progressive law school like California Desert Trial Academy College of Law—with the freedom to study wherever you like—you will still need an organized area with everything at your fingertips for streamlined studying. There is no way around the fact that you will be poring over substantial amounts of reading material most days and nights, probably studying as many hours per week as you would devote to a...

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Time Management & How to Be More Effective Daily

Time Management

If you are new to law school, one thing is for sure: time is valuable, and there is never enough of it! Your greatest wish may be to churn out more hours in the day (along with more study time), but without the help of the magic genie, most likely that isn’t going to happen. Like most students before you, however, you will adapt, learning how to manage the 24 hours you are given better each day, with those time management skills being some of the most important strengths you will gain to help you in your law career later. ...

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Better Studying: Why Visual Aids Are So Beneficial

visual aids

Visual aids can be vital in almost every aspect of studying. As a law student, you will be subjected to many basic lectures which are based on a professor speaking and you listening, along with participation from the class. Much of this is supported by text, both before and after—serving as a visual aid, but it is always helpful to have other illustrations too. Because so much of the key to studying and retention is based on manipulating the mind and the memory, strengthening your abilities, you may find yourself looking for different methods to rely on when learning. Experienced teachers...

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Practicing Law: Your Clients Will Rely on You for Logical Thinking

Many of us have role models we look up to, some of whom we may have known since we were children. They may be parents, relatives, friends, counselors, or as we advance in age, teachers and professors. Whether you admire someone who may have a propensity for mathematical equations, writing fine prose, or spouting philosophy with eloquence—inspiring everyone around you—learning from them over the years may also help define you as a good candidate for law school. Today, you may be a strong leader, disciplined, and extremely meticulous—whether you are speaking or writing—but when it comes to law school, the LSAT...

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Learning to Excel While Under Stress


You don’t have to be considering a career in law to know that while everyone wants to excel in law school, it is stressful; the challenges are notorious, and well documented in dramas on television and in the movies too. If you are a law student entering your first year, words like organization, preparation, and participation will be drummed into your head, along with an ongoing emphasis on why you should never give into procrastination, and always have stellar studying skills. You may have even spent the entire summer before law school getting ahead of the game, leaping into your...

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Don’t Forget the Soft Skills: They Will Serve You Well

In life, soft skills tend to lend themselves to many different positive personal qualities and traits, along with training strong communicators. All of these defining features will be critical to your law career in helping you relate to others and be effective in the cases for which you will eventually be responsible. Not only will soft skills serve you well in training you how to work with clients better, but they will prepare you for dealing with many different personalities in the workplace, at the courthouse, and everywhere you encounter other people regularly as a trial attorney. Believe it or not,...

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Preparing to Go to Law School? What to Do the Summer Before Preparing to Go to Law School? What to Do the Summer Before

law school

Are you getting ready to attend California Desert Trial Academy College of Law after this summer? If so, now is the perfect time to start getting yourself ready and setting yourself up for success. As you prepare to go to law school, you are beginning one of the most exciting times of your life—and one that you will never replay again. Just as high school was an exciting milestone, and then your college years, law school will lend lifelong memories that you will have with you forever. Of course, many of these memories will center around hours of studying and...

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Law School Studies: Five Ways to Avoid Procrastination

law school studies

Are you beginning law school soon? This is a challenge you will need to meet head-on, and preparation is key. Here are five helpful tips: Head into your first year organized. While it is understandable that you may want to spend your last truly free summer engaged in recreational activities, do yourself a big favor and start setting yourself up for success early on—especially if you tend to be a procrastinator and there is the potential for falling behind quickly. Begin getting your sleep schedule on track, and make sure your living arrangements are stable. Prepare yourself for a stringent schedule...

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No Longer A Concept for the Future: Online Learning is Enriching Lives

online learning

No longer a concept for the future: online learning is enriching lives in ways as infinite as the branches spreading out into cyberspace, with the benefits of the Internet often seeming almost miraculous. This man-made technology opens the growing expanse of the world to us, allowing us to reach out to others, learn more, create and participate in commerce, and many other valuable opportunities. While there may be skepticism regarding online learning, including that of law schools opening around the US, undeniably it is the wave of the future. There are so many other resources available online that make life easier...

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Law School Is All Consuming—But You Must Take Time for Yourself

law school

While law school tuition may set you back a bit financially, you will certainly be rich in other areas during your four years, especially at an online school like California Desert Trial Academy College of Law. In taking advantage of distance learning, one of the greatest benefits is having all the comforts of home at your constant disposal, with everything you are used to at your fingertips. Upon enrolling at CDTA, you can enhance your life with the expanse and new intellectual realm of law school—working toward a new and impressive degree without having to move out of your home...

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