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Extracurricular Activities During Law School? Be Careful with Your Time

Extracurricular Activities law school

If you have decided to attend law school, chances are you were dedicated to this idea for quite some time, and look forward to extracurricular activities as a balance to your studies. While some students may have known they wanted to be lawyers their entire lives, others come to this serious conclusion during high school, on taking a variety of tests that pique their interest or as they begin speaking with counselors and taking aptitude tests regarding careers. Pulling it all together for your undergraduate four-year degree is no easy feat though, and law school is no different as you take...

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How to Choose the Best Law School for Your Present & Future

best law school

Students around the US choose law school for myriad reasons. You may feel a sense of duty, and responsibility, to help others in your community, and perhaps even have the wonderfully ambitious goal to further society in seeing justice continually served. You may be interested in intellectual property and helping others register their inventions or protect their branding, or business litigation, or legal or contract writing. You may also be interested in becoming a trial lawyer, commanding a courtroom, passing the bar after four years of distance learning with California Desert Trial Academy College of Law. No matter the reason you...

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Understanding Ethics & Professional Conduct in the Legal Realm


While there are so many valuable courses that you will take during your four years of law school, they are all important. As an online student at California Desert Trial Academy College of Law it will be critical to your success that you become extremely organized and disciplined about not only your studying, but attending all your classes. There may be some courses that appear easier than others, or frankly, you may just consider them a waste of time; however, every class is integrated into your coursework for a reason, and many of these reasons you may not understand until...

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Hard Skills & Soft Skills: Why Both Are So Important in Law School

hard skills

During your four years of law school, you will be taking in an immense amount of knowledge and soaking up a lot of facts, to include hard skills and soft skills. While this conventional practice is vital to educating you so that you can pass the California state bar as well as go on to have a fulfilling practice as a trial attorney, there may be times when you wonder why you must take one course or another. Some courses may seem more valuable to you than others and students you go to class with may find that some coursework...

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CDTA: Our Mission for You as a Law Student


Are you interested in becoming a trial attorney? If so, many reasons may have brought you to take the final step of applying and getting ready to attend a school like California Desert Trial Academy College of Law. Students from all walks of life become interested in attending our online law school, and with good reason. The greatest advantage of course is that you can gain excellent knowledge of the law from the comfort of your own home. You can set up your own personal classroom however you like it, along with a comfortable study station equipped with all the...

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Are Most Law School Internships Paid?

law school internships

Law school internships can be an invaluable experience, and has come to be an expected rite of passage for most law students—and whether you are a older attorney or a student at California Desert Trial Academy College of Law, you are probably accustomed to a legal atmosphere that has at least one enthusiastic intern around, a person who is more than happy just to be in the midst of the legal realm—and with good reason, because the internship is an excellent vehicle for reinforcing all that learning from law school. The educational experience goes the other direction too, as you...

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Legalese: What is It Good For?

legal contracts

As a first-year law student, most likely you have no idea how much you will progress in mastering legal writing over the next few years, along with learning to avoid legalese. This may even be such a gradual process that you hardly realize it is happening. If you are a motivated student immersed in voluminous amounts of law school studying and legal reading though, it would be hard for that not to rub off, making you even more adept at manipulating the English language. Much of that is the entire goal of education to begin with, although for law school...

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Legal Contracts: Why Are They Usually So Hard to Understand?

legal contracts

Even before law school, you may have wondered why legal documents must be so ridiculously difficult to read; after all, the idea behind a contract or any other document being signed by one or more parties is to make sure that everyone is apprised of exactly what is included in the deal or agreement, and that they support every word which was clearly understood, motivating them to authorize permission with their personal signature. Legalise is not hard to come by in written documents. You may have been exposed to it numerous times over the years in a variety of different agreements—perhaps...

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Online Law Studies: Enjoying a More Personalized Experience

online law school

Upon the advent of the internet, few probably realized how much it would change the world, along with inventions like online law studies. And while traditional practices such as shopping at the mall and driving to a conventional campus to attend school are still appealing to consumers, the ability to use online resources presents us with choices about how we want to lead our lives. You may experience this today, even in the smallest of ways; for instance, perhaps you check your bank balance online every morning, but prefer to go to the bank to do your deposit. You may...

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Interviewing for Law School Internships: The Questions You Should Ask


It is very common for law school students to take on internships, and although this may be possible sometimes during the actual school year, if you are attending California Desert Trial Academy College of Law it is recommended that law students take on such endeavors during their breaks. This can be an extremely valuable way to spend your summer or even just a winter break. The law school internship is often the result of heavy networking however, and you may see this in play with many other students as soon as you get into your law school studies. If you are...

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