CDTA: Making The Difference

CDTA: Making The Difference

CDTA: Making The Difference

When John Patrick Dolan and Irene Garcia Dolan were inspired to start the California Desert Trial Academy (CDTA) they wanted to provide a path to the legal profession that featured a more practical and modern approach to the way that law students were educated. The Dolans were inspired to not only train, educate, and develop students to be exceptional attorneys, but to also train them to be exceptional trial advocates. Simply put, the Dolans wanted the CDTA to provide a law school experience different from that offered by traditional schools.

CDTA accepted its first class of students in 2012, focusing on a more logical approach to legal education in the 21st Century. This focus includes the same comprehensive learning platform as traditional law schools while considering those deficiencies that many of today’s law school graduates seem to possess.

While traditional law schools emphasize learning the “law” from textbooks, treatises, hornbooks, and a library full of other legal, literary resources, the California Desert Trial Academy educates, trains, and develops students utilizing classroom, online, and human guidance resources to promote an educational platform equally focused on the hard skills, or substantive law, and the soft skills.

Another way that the California Desert Trial Academy makes a difference is its regard for and attention to the CDTA student body. The CDTA has created an atmosphere that thrives on the inclusion of all students in every phase and aspect of our learning and social environment. While the competitiveness of law school may negatively affect some, the CDTA treats every interaction between students as a positive learning opportunity for all.

The CDTA encourages students to work together to reach common goals whenever possible. Our emphasis on student collaboration and teamwork is an important component of our students’ achieving academic and professional goals. Whether a student group, extra-curricular activity, workshop, or social event, the CDTA welcomes every student openly and unconditionally.

The CDTA also makes a difference with the resources that are available to students each weekend. CDTA’s Saturday program that helps students develop and refine their essay exam skills is a major component of CDTA student success. If you’re looking for something completely different from traditional law school substantive learning programs, CDTA may be the choice that offers the difference. And together we will make a difference!

The California Desert Trial Academy is a 21st Century law school that moves students toward a successful legal career on the first day of class. We believe that practical experience in tandem with legal knowledge is the best road to a successful, rewarding, and prosperous legal career. If you are interested in becoming an exceptional legal advocate, consider the benefits of the California Desert Trial Academy. As a member of CDTA’s growing family, you’ll receive access to our student and alumni attorneys, who freely and openly share their legal experiences, career advice, and academic tips. Call us today at (760) 342-0900 or find out more online here.

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