CDTA’s Key To Student Success: Saturday Learning

CDTA’s Key To Student Success: Saturday Learning

CDTA’s Key To Student Success: Saturday Learning

It is important that everyone in the Coachella Valley and Inland Empire communities have an affordable and convenient law degree program available and nearby. The California Desert Trial Academy (CDTA) is a unique educational institution that offers a special curriculum over four years. These classes are offered during the evening to meet the needs of working students and students looking for an alternative to traditional legal education.

Weekends are busy around the CDTA, as well. In fact, many students and faculty members believe CDTA’s Saturday program that spotlights learning, developing, and practicing examination skills is a major component of academic success.

Studying for the bar exam may be more taxing mentally and physically than actually taking the test. The California bar exam is comprised of three different sections consisting of five essays, one performance test, and 200 multiple-choice questions, tested over two long days. It’s safe to say that the stress of the exam builds each day, leading up to the test for every examinee.

Legal essay writing is a truly unique form of writing that most people never experience. The ability to practice essay writing and multiple-choice questions under simulated exam conditions can ultimately make answering legal essays second nature on the bar exam.

There’s no question that using study guides, outlines, and treatises prepares students for the bar exam, but the best preparation may be practicing sample bar exam questions repeatedly under simulated test conditions. This experience should provide the greatest success on the day of the bar exam.

Classes at CDTA begin at 6:00 p.m. and last until 9:30 p.m. at our College of Law in Indio, conveniently located for any student living in the Coachella Valley. Evening classes on weekdays after 5:00 p.m. allow working students the opportunity to attend. If students miss a class, CDTA’s comprehensive online resource platform provides every class archived and available to students 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

However, it is CDTA’s Saturday Enrichment Program that is perhaps the “not so secret” key to the success of CDTA students. On weekends, students spend considerable time practicing test-taking skills. They have access to weekend practice exam workshops that are also available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The California Desert Trial Academy’s Saturday Enrichment Program fits perfectly into the schedule of working Californians. Students from all over the Coachella Valley attend CDTA’s Saturday program because of the additional benefits it offers students.

The California Desert Trial Academy (CDTA) opened its doors in September 2012, and we have served the residents of the Coachella Valley for over eight years. It won’t be long before we joyously and proudly celebrate our tenth anniversary! At CDTA, we train, educate, and develop students to be exceptional attorneys and trial advocates. Call us today at (760) 342-0900 or find out more online here.


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