Five Aspects Of The CDTA That Make It A Special Experience

Five Aspects Of The CDTA That Make It A Special Experience

Five Aspects Of The CDTA That Make It A Special Experience

The California Desert Trial Academy is a special place. At least those of us who have experienced it feel this way. We’re confident that you will feel the same way once you have the opportunity to visit the CDTA and discover all that it has to offer. Here is a list of those aspects of academic life at the CDTA that make it special.

*Most law schools educate, the CDTA educates, trains, and develops attorney-advocates

While the vast majority of traditional law schools view teaching the substantive law as their only function, the CDTA goes beyond this and offers regular instruction in the practical use of both the hard and soft skills necessary to propel law school graduates into their new roles as attorney-advocates on the first day that they start practicing law. In fact, the CDTA trains students how to be lawyers from the first day that their classes begin as first-year law students. day one. The CDTA trains students and develops their practice and advocacy skills through regular classroom instruction and interaction.

*The CDTA’s Student Portal is exemplary of how the CDTA is at the forefront of contemporary legal education.

The CDTA Student Portal is available 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. CDTA’s online resources are available to any student with a modern computer. The CDTA uses Zoom Video Conferencing technology, which is available at the Student Portal. Using Zoom, CDTA provides students the ability to stream classes online at the student’s convenience. Zoom technology allows students the valuable opportunity to interact live with professors and students, just as they would if physically present in class. This is an example of how the CDTA utilizes modern technology to enable students to get a legal education on their personal schedule and timeline. The optimization of online resources allows the CDTA to pursue its mission of developing effective attorney-advocates to the fullest.

*The CDTA’s curriculum is unique

The curriculum of the California Desert Trial Academy is based on a four-year program of legal study designed not only to teach students the substantive law but to train and develop them to be attorneys who are also capable advocates. In addition to typical core requirements, the CDTA offers students courses on subjects that will especially aid them in the practice of law in any jurisdiction. The fourth year of school allows students to concentrate on only one subject each day while they learn the law at a more reasonable and manageable pace. Having the fourth year of academic studies ensures that students have the necessary time to fully develop skills that equip them to be effective advocates immediately when they graduate from law school.

*The CDTA’s student body is a genuinely supportive community

Law school is a very competitive endeavor as some law students tend to obsess over the need to succeed and “exceed” the accomplishments of their fellow students. Nonetheless, the California Desert Trial Academy has created an atmosphere of partnership and teamwork within a law school environment. The CDTA promotes and encourages student collaboration as an essential element of students achieving academic and professional goals. CDTA’s students, faculty, staff, and alumni form a family-like bond that fosters support for the achievement of academic goals. The ever-growing family of the CDTA’s alumni attorneys openly share their legal experiences and career advice to assist current members of the student body.

*CDTA presents a true, legal environment that makes graduates courtroom-ready

To achieve the CDTA’s goal of preparing excellent and capable trial advocates, the CDTA’s classroom facilities present a true legal environment that includes full-functioning authentic and operational California trial, appellate, and federal courtrooms. Classes typically include the interaction of legal experts with students to present an actual courtroom setting and simulate the adversarial nature of an authentic legal matter. The result is that CDTA graduates are courtroom-ready on the first day that they begin the practice of law.

The path to becoming an effective attorney-advocate leads to the California Desert Trial Academy. The distance learning program offered by the California Desert Trial Academy College of Law is tailor-made to meet the needs and demands of students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Call us today at (760) 342-0900 or find out more online here.


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