Five Tips For Overcoming Online Learning Challenges

Five Tips For Overcoming Online Learning Challenges

Five Tips For Overcoming Online Learning Challenges

As the winter of 2020 approaches, the California Desert Trial Academy College of Law’s (CDTA) remains firmly in touch with the needs of its student body as they are affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Not all students are comfortable with online learning and the CDTA is committed to providing an option for these students by offering both online and in-person learning. Here are five tips to help students deal with the challenges of online learning.

Form a virtual learning team

Find and enlist other students to join you not necessarily to form a study group but to form a support group. Regularly communicate and interact with fellow students and your professors. Meet regularly for virtual sessions even if the purpose is only to talk not study.


Remember that you are taking this class because it is something that you want to do and is part of your career path. Formulate short-term and long-term goals. Do not be afraid to recognize and build on success.

Manage time

Online students are probably sick and tired of hearing about the importance of time management, but the truth of the matter is that managing your valuable time is vastly important. In short, time management skills are crucial for online learning. While online learning allows students to attend class and work according to their schedules, the temptation exists to multitask and be distracted by external factors. Time management skills may help alleviate if not eliminate this problem.

Understand how to use technology

Distance learning requires students to be proficient with technology such as computers, video conferencing applications, and other important online resources. While not everyone has the same inclination or proficiency with technology, many online courses are extremely user-friendly. Also, there are a seemingly infinite number of online discussion boards and other resources that make it easy to learn about new learning technologies.

Effectively communicate with your writing

Online learning requires the ability to communicate effectively through the written word. It is important to use grammar and spell check applications to ensure that your writing is academically and professionally competent.

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