How CDTA Prepares Students For The Bar Exam

How CDTA Prepares Students For The Bar Exam

How CDTA Prepares Students For The Bar Exam

From the time a student enrolls at the California Desert Trial Academy (CDTA) and begins the modern law school experience, he or she begins preparation for the bar exam. Many CDTA graduates take the California bar exam, which is an enormous, daunting challenge for any law student. However, at the CDTA, we look at the bar exam as a challenge rather than an obstacle.

Our curriculum and resource platform are designed with the ultimate goal of student preparation for and success on the California State Bar Examination. We offer many useful resources, including Saturday enrichment courses, to provide students with the necessary skills to answer essay questions correctly, completely, and succinctly. CDTA also offers access to ExamSoft, which offers practice exams to help students build confidence and gain experience before taking the actual bar exam.

Students are also required to take and pass the First-Year Law Student’s Exam (FYLSX), commonly referred to as the California Baby Bar Exam, which is an all-day exam. CDTA students study and prepare for this test daily and each weekend starting in their first week of school.

CDTA is proud of our high FYLSX pass rate. 65% passage rate is one of the highest pass rates in the State of California. Preparing diligently for and passing the Baby Bar Exam places students in the best position to pass the California Bar Exam.

CDTA begins teaching students to “think like a lawyer” on Day 1 of law school. We help students effectively study the law using key study habits learned in the first year of law school, developed in the second year, refined in the third year, and perfected through bar review. When they sit for their first bar exam, they are more than adequately prepared.

Educate. Train. Develop. This summarizes the mission of the California Desert Trial Academy – the education, training, and development of extraordinary legal advocates.

On Day 1 of law school, the California Desert Trial Academy begins the arduous process of helping students prepare for the bar exam. CDTA is a 21st Century law school tailored to meet the needs of working people. We offer a unique four-year program of legal studies. Upon completion of this 4-year course of study, students will be fully qualified to take and pass the California Bar examination. Call us today at (760) 342-0900 or find out more online here.

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