Maintaining Good Health During Law School

Maintaining Good Health During Law School

Maintaining Good Health During Law School

To excel in law school, students must be at the top of their game, which, to a great extent, means being in the best health possible. Not only can any kind of illness have far-reaching effects on law school performance, but even having little energy or being lethargic as the result of poor diet, sleeping habits, or not enough exercise can cause problems and have a domino effect on the entire semester.

Develop a routine 

Law school requires reading a vast amount of material. It may seem overwhelming at first, but developing a study routine and sticking to it is well-documented as a path to success. While covering so many pages per day is simple to plan, but not so simple to implement because of the commitment it requires, it can be done with discipline and hard work. Sticking to a routine will reduce uncertainty, and, therefore, stress.

Use weekends to study

Most law students have left their undergraduate habits behind them. They’ve outgrown certain social habits and want to utilize every available moment for school-related activities. Using weekends to study rather than socialize is a no-brainer. Utilizing weekends to the fullest extent possible for studying is a tremendous bonus to a student’s preparation during the school week. It can make the difference between success and failure. I don’t know if I could have succeeded in law school if I didn’t have the weekends to catch up for the prior week and prepare for the next week.

Have fun occasionally 

“All work and no play. . .”

Relieve stress

Going to the gym, whether for running, playing racquetball, lifting weights, or shooting hoops can provide an outlet to relieve the everyday stress of law school. Taking a yoga class isn’t a bad idea to help relax.


Coffee and other caffeinated beverages can help you make it through the day, but water is the fluid that is really the most important, especially for fighting sickness, maintaining a healthy weight, and staying mentally sharp.

Too much caffeine may cause issues with blood pressure, heart rate, and heart rhythm. Coffee in the morning is fine, but water should be the beverage of choice as the day progresses.

Eat well

Eating well is usually one of the least prioritized things by law students. Skipping meals or eating on an irregular schedule can affect health negatively. Relying on junk food for a quick burst of energy will eventually cause more harm than good.

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