Pre-Exam Feedback: Where To Get It

Pre-Exam Feedback: Where To Get It

Pre-Exam Feedback: Where To Get It

There are various options to help prepare for law exams. You can receive valuable pre-exam feedback from any available source, but some are better than others. Here are a few ways that can help you collect feedback before a law exam.


Of course, this is obvious. But think of all the times that you may have taken a test and never discussed the exam with your professor. Unfortunately, many of us have, in fact, approached and taken an exam without meeting with a professor beforehand for a one-on-one meeting. As a result, we miss valuable insights that our professor may add or important points that we may have simply missed in class.

Obtaining feedback from professors is a no-brainer since they write and grade the exam. You can review your answers to test questions with a professor. You can also ask a professor to review your analytical writing style and inform you of any weaknesses.

It is always wise to use practice questions written by the professor that you are asking for help rather than someone else. Since the professor wrote the question, the professor can identify exactly what the question is asking for as an answer.

Also, do not wait until the last minute to ask a professor for feedback. Professors are especially busy right before an exam so do not ask for help a few days before the exam. You are more likely to receive helpful feedback the sooner that you ask for it during the semester.

Academic Assistants

Some schools provide teaching assistants in their second or third years of law school that can help you prepare for an exam. Keep in mind that many teaching assistants have final exams and will be unable to provide feedback shortly before the exam.

Study Group

Study groups are not for everybody. Law students must know how to balance their responsibility to be prepared for classes and exams with what they put into and get out of a study group. However, doing practice questions and discussing an upcoming exam with your peers is better than not getting any feedback at all.

Past Exams

Remember that it is also important to seek positive feedback. Not only is it important to know your weaknesses, but it is also crucial to know your strengths. Awareness of positive feedback will help ensure that you do not change something that works for you.

Practice Exams

Complete one or more practice tests and review the results. Evaluate the following:

  • Did you know the law?
  • How accurate was your identification of the issues?
  • To what extent was your analysis complete and correct?
  • How was your presentation of your answer?
  • Was the essay easy to read?
  • Was it written confidently?
  • Was it organized?
  • Did you struggle with time or fail to complete the practice exam?

Once you receive feedback, it is crucial to correctly analyze it and use it to improve your test-taking abilities. How can you use it to improve issue spotting and analysis? How can you draft a better outline? You can and should reach out for help to brainstorm potential remedies for any poor test-taking habits. At the end of the day, pre-exam feedback is valuable but it is your overall preparation that will determine your success on the exam.

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