Simple Benefits Of Distance Learning

Simple Benefits Of Distance Learning

Simple Benefits Of Distance Learning

Students may derive many diverse but simple benefits from distance learning. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, students are in a prime position to realize these benefits. Since its inception in 2012 as a graduate institution that recognized the importance of distance learning, the California Desert Trial Academy College of Law has provided a cutting-edge online learning platform that takes full advantage of the benefits provided by distance learning. The CDTA is ready for the pandemic!

When the COVID-19 virus closed businesses and schools, requiring the latter to embrace distance learning for the near future and perhaps longer, the details of each institution’s response to an unprecedented situation seemed complex and uncertain at best.

Parents, teachers, and students were forced to adapt to a new method of learning. For some educational institutions, like the CDTA, the transition was seamless since the CDTA already had in place an online education learning platform with a focus on distance learning, based substantially on the needs of its student body.

While distance learning promotes social distancing and prevents the spread of the coronavirus, despite any initial inconvenience, the benefits of distance learning extend far beyond protection from contracting the COVID-19 virus. The following are some other benefits of distance learning:

Distance learning eliminates a student’s commute

While the price of gas has dropped considerably during the pandemic based on supply and demand as people are staying home, students have reduced transportation expenses as they begin their distance learning programs. The benefits of not having to commute to school extend beyond financial benefits to saving time as well, which is always a valuable windfall, especially to create more opportunities to effectively deal with the life changes caused by the pandemic.

Distance learning allows students to learn on their schedules

Studying from home allows students the flexibility to pick and choose their class and study schedules. They may learn at an individual, comfortable pace in a relaxed, home environment. Students who prefer to study in the morning have this option while those students who tend to excel later in the day may take advantage of their inclination to work later when they are more awake or focused.

Distance learning allows students to learn in a comfortable, home environment

While distance learning prevents students from participating in extracurricular activities and social relationships, for many students, the reduced stress from learning in the comforts of home seems to more than make up for their social sacrifices. Students may study in an environment to which they are accustomed and feel comfortable. They may access online classes and other resources at the click of a mouse button. While engaging in distance learning, students have the option of engaging in other activities at home, when necessary. Being at home allows students the freedom to accomplish learning tasks in a comfortable, safe, and relaxing environment.

Distance learning promotes and fosters time management and other skills

Time management skills are important in every aspect of life and essential for succeeding in school, whether a traditional or distance learning platform is the preferred medium. Students with otherwise busy schedules may have more time available, especially since there is no need to expend time commuting to and from school. Distance learning may also force students to troubleshoot, improvise, and make the best out of an unusual situation, finding novel ways to accomplish learning efficiently and effectively.

In 2012, CDTA accepted its first class of students featuring the use of a practical focus on modern legal education that recognized its student body’s need and demand for distance learning. The experience that faculty and staff have gained through this focus has helped the CDTA continue to educate its students without missing a beat through the necessitated quarantine of 2020. The CDTA implements the same comprehensive learning platform as traditional law schools while considering both the traditional and modern needs of law students in 2020. At CDTA, not only do we educate students to be lawyers, but we also train and develop them to be exceptional trial advocates. Call us today at (760) 342-0900 or find out more online here.


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