Thanksgiving Break: To Study Or Not To Study?

Thanksgiving Break: To Study Or Not To Study?

Thanksgiving Break. To Study or Not to Study?

Thanksgiving provides a well-needed break just before the December holidays swing into high gear. It’s also a time when school is winding down for the semester, which means that final exams are impending.

For students, it can be a meaningful time to rest and regroup. After all, it’s probably been a tiring, grueling, and demanding semester. However, it can also be a time to take advantage of two free days to prepare and study for final exams. To study or not to study, that is the question.

While the break provides some much-needed extra time to study, it may also be a very hectic time. The time to travel and socialize with relatives may take up much of the extra time that is available. The four-day holiday weekend goes by quickly.

When considering a break from studying, it’s easy for students to feel guilty because they are not working on some school-related activity. Most law students cannot help but feel the conflict between spending time with family and studying for final exams. Things may get further complicated when family and friends don’t understand a student’s need or desire to study during the holidays.

*Avoid a holiday slump

Taking some time to study over Thanksgiving weekend helps avoid a holiday slump. Many students who relax from the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving through the entire weekend, often find it difficult to resume their regular study habits since they’ve been out of practice for almost a week. It doesn’t take much to knock some students out of their rhythm to learn and study.

*Study early

One way to efficiently use the time is to rise early and get a few hours of studying in before the rest of the household wakes up. This is a good strategy, especially when out-of-town friends or family are visiting. Maybe it’s possible to study for an hour after everyone retires for the evening and goes to bed.

*Rejuvenate: Take some personal time

Forget about school for a few hours and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner and all the related festivities. Go for a walk. Go see a movie with family and friends. Do something you really like to do. This will rejuvenate you for the rest of the semester when the time comes to study for final exams.

We all likely need a break at Thanksgiving and spending time with family and friends can help refocus and re-energize us for the busy month of December. However, spending a little time studying and staying sharp will also be beneficial when exam week finally arrives.

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