The CDTA: Still In Business And Going Strong!

The CDTA: Still In Business And Going Strong!

The CDTA: Still In Business And Going Strong!

As the California Desert Trial Academy College of Law’s (CDTA) founder and dean, John Patrick Dolan discussed the state of the practice of law with legendary trial attorneys, F. Lee Bailey and Gerry Spence, the three discovered that young lawyers and current law school graduates were lacking the advocacy skills necessary for effectively asserting the rights of clients. Because of these conversations, John Patrick Dolan and Irene Garcia Dolan were inspired to start the California Desert Trial Academy with an emphasis on teaching students the practice of law, rather than just the knowledge of the law. The result is students who develop into not just attorneys, but attorney-advocates.

As the Fall of 2020 presents new learning challenges, the CDTA has responded in full force. Faculty and students alike are enjoying the California Desert Trial Academy College of Law’s online learning platform, now in its ninth successful year of operation and ever-evolving. The united effort of both faculty and students has helped bridge the gaps that distance learning may create for some students. However, the CDTA’s well-established distance learning platform makes it already conducive to the demands and challenges of the virtual classroom.

Distance Learning allows students to attend classes in real-time, and interact with other students and professors, just like they would if physically present in class. CDTA’s unique, online educational tools assist those students who may not have the time to adhere to a regular classroom learning schedule.

The California Desert Trial Academy is continuously seeking ways to better utilize online resources for the benefit of CDTA’s growing and diverse student body. The California Desert Trial Academy’s unique online learning program educates, trains, and develops students utilizing classroom, online, and human guidance resources to equally focus on the hard skills, or substantive law, and the soft skills, those interpersonal skills necessary for people to engage in teamwork and accomplish tasks and goals.

Currently, the CDTA is well-prepared to address the needs of students during the COVID-19 pandemic and minimize any disruption with students completing study for their Juris doctorate. CDTA students who participate in online, distance learning have the freedom to study at their convenience. Any time of day or night. The CDTA: Still In Business And Going Strong!

The CDTA places students in the best position to derive benefits from distance learning, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The California Desert Trial Academy (CDTA) helps students assimilate to the practice of law better than most traditional law schools. We’re on the cutting edge of modern, progressive 21st Century legal education. The CDTA has implemented new, innovative ways of teaching students how to be attorney-advocates. Call us today at (760) 342-0900 or find out more online here.

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