There are Many Paths To A Meaningful Legal Career – Insurance And Risk Management

There are Many Paths To A Meaningful Legal Career – Insurance And Risk Management

There are Many Paths To A Meaningful Legal Career – Insurance And Risk Management

There are many career paths for law school graduates, especially those that have developed into effective attorney-advocates. The types of employment opportunities available in fields other than law are diverse. These jobs may also depend on the applicant’s undergraduate education and previous work experience. The diverse curriculum provided by the California Desert Trial Academy (CDTA), helps law students develop skills and qualifications which transfer to other fields, including the insurance and risk management industry.

Legally trained individuals are frequently found in the offices of insurance companies. Legal training proves helpful in allowing the individual to effectively explain how the suggested coverage will specifically meet the client’s needs. Legally trained workers are also utilized in selecting and writing endorsements and riders, reviewing policies, and, perhaps even more importantly, participating in the resolution of insurance claims.

An example of a position in the industry is that of a commercial insurance broker. A person working in this position negotiates and places property, casualty, and specialty lines of insurance for commercial businesses of all sizes, with a focus on Fortune 500 companies. Brokers draft endorsements and policy language to tailor coverage to meet the needs of clients. They also negotiate rates and premiums with underwriters.

Underwriters review applications for insurance to evaluate the degree of risk involved and accept those applications that follow the company’s underwriting policies. Underwriters will usually work in only a single area such as accident-and-sickness, automobile, bond, fire, liability, life, marine, property, and special risks.

Insurance and Risk Management

Bankruptcy Claims Examiner

Civil Service Retirement Claims Examiner

Claims Representative

Commercial Insurance Broker

Dependent and Estates Claims Examiner

Document Compliance Specialist

Environmental Claim Specialist

Errors and Omissions Claims Manager

General Claims Examiner

Health Benefits Program Analyst

Health Care Policy Analyst

Health Plan Member Services Coordinator

Insurance Agent

Insurance Claims Representative

Insurance Fraud Investigator

Issuing Specialist

Litigation Examiner

Loss and Damage Claims Examiner

Pension Investigator

Personal Trust Product Manager

Risk Manager

Senior Underwriter

Social Insurance Administrator

Social Insurance Claims Examiner

Transportation Claims Examiner


Unemployment Insurance Administrator

Veterans Claims Examiner

Workers’ Compensation Claims Examiner

In 2012, CDTA accepted its first class of students with a more practical focus on modern legal education. This focus implements the same comprehensive learning platform as traditional law schools while considering and remedying the traditional deficiencies of law school graduates. At CDTA, not only do we educate students to be lawyers, but we also train and develop them to be exceptional trial advocates. Call us today at (760) 342-0900 or find out more online here.

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