Time Management And Online Learning – The Virtual Work Space

Time Management And Online Learning – The Virtual Work Space

Time Management And Online Learning - The Virtual Work Space

Students forced to learn from home must make the most of their situation. A great place to start is the selection, organization, and maintenance of the location to be a student’s virtual workspace or office. While a virtual workspace permits students a great deal of freedom and flexibility in how and when they learn, a virtual workspace may be less efficient without the correct tools, resources, and protocols in place to achieve maximum success.

A valuable, if not necessary, skill for students, especially online students, is effective time management. The better that time is managed, the more time that is available for completing the task at hand, which makes it easier to complete and get the highest grade possible. There are only 24 hours available on any given day, so it is not about the amount of time but how effectively it is managed.

Whether the ultimate location is a room that is already a dedicated home office or simply a bedroom, students must find the optimal work and study setting necessary for maximum productivity. It is important to have excellent lighting which means not only having sufficient lighting to see text and other media but also having the least amount of glare on your computer monitor.

Another consideration is sound and having the ability to hear. Along with a high-speed internet connection, it is necessary to have a computer with a good sound system for transmitting and hearing audio. A room with the least amount of background noise possible is the obvious, preferred choice.

A chair that is comfortable even after sitting in it for long periods is good, provided that it is not so comfortable that it is conducive to falling asleep. All phones should be turned off and any temptation to keep a phone on should be resisted. End the debate on day one: No phones!

Along with these environmental variables, it is important to always have all the required materials, such as textbooks, notebooks, software, and office supplies. Create a system, set it up, and use it to stay on task with the work at hand.

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