Time Management Goes A Long Way In Law School

Time Management Goes A Long Way In Law School

Time Management Goes A Long Way In Law School

The perception, or myth, that law school consumes every moment of a student’s time and energy is alive and well. Of course, students that manage their time effectively are much more likely to succeed in law school than those students who do not. Here are some time management tips.

*Calendar your activities

Once you receive your class schedule, calendar it. Review the syllabus for each class. Get an idea of when you will prepare for each class. Calendar your study time windows for the current week. Try to stay, at least, one week ahead.

*Determine what routine works best for you

Adhering to a routine has many benefits. The more that you adhere to your routine, the more that you will solidify your inner commitment to success. A great benefit of establishing a routine is that reduces decision fatigue. Wasting time wondering what task to accomplish next is never an efficient course of action for anyone, especially a law student.

*Prioritize Your health

IF you experience any type of health issue, especially during your first year of law school, you may seriously compromise achieving your short-term law school goals. Law school is more stressful than most of the experiences that we encounter daily. Maintaining good physical and mental health is essential. When making your calendar for the semester, set aside time for critical wellness activities such as exercise, sleep, meditation, and other non-law school-related activities.

*Build on your good habits

It is easy to regress into bad habits. Establish routines, even noting them on your time management calendar, that build on your good habits, thus helping you to derive more benefits from them each day. For example, if you do 50 pushups at the same time every morning, you could build on this habit by attaching a daily study session to it.

*Avoid multitasking

This includes eliminating those secondary tasks that you think you can accomplish while you engage in a primary task. You may think this is productive, but it serves only to diminish your work in both tasks. Switching back and forth between multiple activities is known as “switchtasking.” The applicable research indicates that working on two things or more at the same time can increase the time it takes to complete the original task by 25 percent and introduce errors.

*Set realistic goals

Set goals that are realistic and reflect the requisite amount of common sense. Set goals that are specific, relevant, measurable, and achievable.

*Eliminate distractions

Turning off your phone goes a long way in eliminating distractions. Need I say more?

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