Unhappy With Your Midterms? Tips To Regroup For Finals

Unhappy With Your Midterms? Tips To Regroup For Finals

Unhappy with your Midterms? Tips To Regroup For Finals

It is not uncommon for any law student, especially first-year law students, to struggle with midterm exams. For first-year law students, the new environment and increased, frenetic academic pace may affect performance on a midterm. And then, of course, there is the fact that law exams are formidably challenging and downright difficult for almost any student. If you received a disappointing grade on a midterm, it is possible to recover and regroup for finals. Positive thinking and hard work will go a long way toward reversing and improving an unsatisfactory grade. The following tips may provide some guidance:

*Think positively

Midterms are only 20% of your grade. You’re not the first person to be disappointed with a midterm grade, and you won’t be the last. Accept it and move on. Dwelling on your midterm grade wastes time that could be used to fix the problem for final exams. Take some time off for yourself, then focus on using the experience as a way of ensuring you learn from and correct your mistakes. One setback should never deter success; in this case, good grades.

Whether it is a law school exam or life itself, never dwell on the future, always look forward with the belief that you will succeed because you’re willing to expend the work necessary for success.

*Meet with your professor

Taking an hour to meet with your professor may be an enormously valuable and efficient use of time. Determine the areas where you lost points and if this is indicative of any negative test-taking tendencies. It’s possible that there are patterns to test errors. Determine areas of weakness.

*Review the exam

Find out why your answer was the wrong answer. Look at model answers to midterm essays and compare your answers. Were any errors simple omissions, or did you fail to explain an answer in significant ways that caused the reduction of your score?

*Modify time allocation

If necessary, revise how you allocate time preparing for class and preparing for exams. Use small allotments of time during the day to study. Don’t wait until you have a block of time to study.

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