Study Fever? Why You Should Avoid Overuse of Caffeine

Study Fever? Why You Should Avoid Overuse of Caffeine


If there was a true secret shortcut to getting ahead in law school, surely it would have been uncovered by now. And while there are many study tips and tricks available to all, the use of mood-altering substances is never a good idea. You may enjoy the taste of a nice hot cup of java in the morning or like a pick-me-up in the afternoon, but overuse of caffeine will work against you–just as alcohol or any drugs will do too.

Most of us are familiar with the stereotype of the exhausted law student or attorney, slumped over a desk littered with empty coffee cups, but the truth is that caffeine can be responsible for a host of ills, beginning with an upset stomach and an accelerated heart rate. There are also the other obvious issues to deal with such as sleeplessness, anxiety, and even an ongoing sense of anger or annoyance over the smallest issues. Take time to rest and rejuvenate naturally, as in most cases you could be working against yourself by consuming stimulants. Used in moderation, coffee can be good for you, but it is a psychoactive substance and there can be repercussions—especially for individuals who do not metabolize chemicals like caffeine very well.

If you are really worried about your coursework and studying, the key is to getting on a good schedule early on, there is no room for procrastination. Law school is a unique experience. Make the most of it by creating a structured schedule that allows you to rest, exercise, and eat healthy meals instead of junk.

We realize that working full time and attending law school in the evenings leaves little time to prepare regular home-cooked meals. Try to find a few hours on the weekends and prep a few healthy meals for the week that can be frozen. Ask your family members to help out. Having some healthy meals packed with protein and vitamins will go a long way towards helping you study and stay focused. Lower your standards when it comes to meal service – think paper plates!

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