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Never pay too much, settle for too little or give in too soon again. Call Attorney John Patrick Dolan at 760-342-0900 to learn how to Negotiate like the Pros. Schedule a Negotiations seminar for your law firm or legal organization. John Patrick Dolan is a Criminal Defense Specialist and a member of the National Speakers Association Professional Speakers Hall of Fame. Dolan has trained thousands of attorneys in the art of negotiation through his association with LawTalk MCLE, Inc.

Negotiating is something we do every day… with our clients, our partners, our associates, even our families. It is also something we can learn to improve. Whether we’re putting together million dollar deals, or asking our staff to work overtime – we are always negotiating.

Top-notch negotiating skills can do more than help you get what you and your clients want; they can help you get your adversary what they want too. Everyone comes away feeling good about the deal. You will come across as fair, flexible … and tough when you need to be

John Patrick Dolan does not just teach negotiation, he has mastered negotiation.

The Negotiate Like the Pros™ Negotiation Skills program will help you go into any negotiation with a stronger, more confident hand. The key to effective deal making is fitting your strategy and tactics to your negotiating “counterpart.” The Negotiate Like the Pros™ Negotiation Skills Program: Keynote Speaker John Patrick Dolan’s “take-home-value” effectiveness is well known. You will be entertained as well as informed by John Patrick Dolan’s unique style and fascinating anecdotes. His negotiating seminars live up to the phrase “never a dull moment.” By the end of your time with him, you will be eager to try your new negotiation skills. When you do try out those newly learned negotiation skills, you will be impressed by their effectiveness and by your new expertise.

Do not miss this opportunity to hear one of today’s most exciting speakers. You will learn the classic principles of negotiation. You will also gain “insider information” about the step-by-step techniques used by Master Negotiators – men and women earning millions in today’s most successful law firms. This is your opportunity to refine the negotiation skills you are presently using by building on your strengths and eliminating your weaknesses. The information you will hear is critical to every professional today. After completing this program you will be able to save your law firm hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars on supplies and services, and end the “tug of war” between departments.

Give your employees salary compensation packages you both feel good about, or outsmart “wheeler-dealers” who try to take advantage of you. The next time you negotiate anything you will feel confident you secured the best possible result. Effective Negotiating Skills…Powerful tools everyone can use! Your senior partner gives you an impossible deadline for his landmark case. How can you buy more time? A car dealer pressures you to buy options you don’t want. What do you do? After weeks of negotiating for a new account, the phone rings. “Sorry, we’re going with a bigger law firm.” Why didn’t you see it coming? These are all problems you face every day. This program will equip you with the negotiating skills to overcome these common situations.

March 30, 2019 One-day Negotiate Like The Pros Program
September 28, 2019 One-day Negotiate Like The Pros Program


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