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Never pay too much, settle for too little or give in too soon again. Call Attorney John Patrick Dolan at 760-342-0900 to learn how to Negotiate like the Pros. Schedule a Negotiations seminar for your law firm or legal organization. John Patrick Dolan is a Criminal Defense Specialist and a member of the National Speakers Association Professional Speakers Hall of Fame. Dolan has trained thousands of attorneys in the art of negotiation through his association with LawTalk MCLE, Inc.

Negotiating is something we do every day… with our clients, our partners, our associates, even our families. It is also something we can learn to improve. Whether we’re putting together million dollar deals, or asking our staff to work overtime – we are always negotiating.

Top-notch negotiating skills can do more than help you get what you and your clients want; they can help you get your adversary what they want too. Everyone comes away feeling good about the deal. You will come across as fair, flexible … and tough when you need to be

John Patrick Dolan does not just teach negotiation, he has mastered negotiation.

The Negotiate Like the Pros™ Negotiation Skills program will help you go into any negotiation with a stronger, more confident hand. The key to effective deal making is fitting your strategy and tactics to your negotiating “counterpart.” The Negotiate Like the Pros™ Negotiation Skills Program: Keynote Speaker John Patrick Dolan’s “take-home-value” effectiveness is well known. You will be entertained as well as informed by John Patrick Dolan’s unique style and fascinating anecdotes. His negotiating seminars live up to the phrase “never a dull moment.” By the end of your time with him, you will be eager to try your new negotiation skills. When you do try out those newly learned negotiation skills, you will be impressed by their effectiveness and by your new expertise.

Do not miss this opportunity to hear one of today’s most exciting speakers. You will learn the classic principles of negotiation. You will also gain “insider information” about the step-by-step techniques used by Master Negotiators – men and women earning millions in today’s most successful law firms. This is your opportunity to refine the negotiation skills you are presently using by building on your strengths and eliminating your weaknesses. The information you will hear is critical to every professional today. This is your opportunity to learn the techniques of Master Negotiators. After completing this negotiation program you will be able to save your law firm hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars on supplies and services, end the “tug of war” between departments.

Give your employees salary compensation packages you both feel good about, or outsmart “wheeler-dealers” who try to take advantage of you. The next time you negotiate anything you will feel confident you secured the best possible result. Effective Negotiating Skills…Powerful tools everyone can use!Your senior partner gives you an impossible deadline for his landmark case. How can you buy more time? A car dealer pressures you to buy options you don’t want. What do you do? After weeks of negotiating for a new account, the phone rings. “Sorry, we’re going with a bigger law firm.” Why didn’t you see it coming? These are all problems you face every day. With the negotiating skills you will learn from this program, you will…

March 30, 2019 One-day Negotiate Like The Pros Program
September 28 One-day Negotiate Like The Pros Program


I am writing on behalf of the Santa Barbara County Executive Association to express our sincere appreciation for the outstanding seminar Negotiate Like the Pros that you presented to our management team last month. Life at work as well as at home seems to involve ongoing negotiations—with our bosses, our peers, our spouses and our kids. Judging from the enthusiastic feedback I have been receiving from the seminar attendees, they have taken their new negotiating skills and techniques and utilized them on a regular basis (and having fun while doing so). Once again, thank you from all 120 of us who attended the seminar which, by all measures, has been the most effective training session we have received in the seven years I have been at the County.

Gary A. Hengstler | Editor and Publisher

Thank you so much for speaking at the 1998 NAMM International Music Market. As you may already know, the show was NAMM’s largest ever, with 1,198 exhibitors and 63,160 attendees. And it was also the largest show ever held at the Los Angeles Convention Center! With 50 educational programs, it was quite an operation, as well as a challenge, to coordinate all these sessions and speakers. And that’s all the more reason why I appreciate all you did to help make this our best show ever! We work with many, many speakers throughout the year and we truly appreciated your professionalism and attention to detail. It’s been a pleasure having you at three NAMM Shows now. Please let me know if I can ever be a reference for you or help in any way. I’d welcome the opportunity. Your sessions were very well received and were great additions to our program. So thank you again for a great job and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Randy Beck | Director of Professional Development

How can I begin to adequately assess the events of last Wednesday night and Thursday? Well, here we go… First of all, the formal program met with resounding success. The feedback from all in attendance, both written and verbal, has been superlative. Some even suggested that it was better than any other YPO chapter event they had ever attended. For my money, you were well prepared, humorous, and attentive; the “take home” value exceeded all expectations!

Peter A. Linder | President/CEO

On behalf of the Amateur Scouts, I would like to thank you for taking some time to spend with us during our Organizational Meetings in Florida last week. Our staff was very interested in your presentation, and appreciated your relating the negotiating process to baseball. They were impressed with your style and presence, and the attention which you showed during your stay made a significant impact.

Tim C. Hallgren | Director of Scouting

“Having sat through so many useless business-help programs to the point of becoming somewhat jaded, I was surprised and gratified at how much I gained from Negotiating Like the Pros. And I had fun in the process. You can’t ask for more than that.”

Mary Cavallini

Thank you for attending our Heinz Consumer Products National Sales Meeting. Your in depth research of our company’s go-to-market strategy and negotiating tactic application proved to be insightful, relevant and thought provoking. Your energetic delivery of “Negotiate like the Pros” left our Sales Force asking for more. We will use this session as a stepping-stone for future training within the H.J. Heinz organization.

Gregg Newcombe | Group Vice President

On Behalf of Tyco Thermal Controls, I’d like to thank you again for your dynamic program, Negotiate like the Pros™, during our Americas Sales Meeting last month. Not only did you teach useful and practical techniques, you also illustrated why and when these strategies work. Your delightfully entertaining presentation style made the multi-hour session enjoyable. As you know, I was slightly concerned considering the fact that you presented this session to about 30 percent of our group three years ago. I can confidently say that the entire group, even those who had been through the program previously, walked away from the session with valuable new tools and negotiating skills.

Gary D. Mausner | VP, Americas Sales

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