Cut Down on the Midnight Oil: Study Smarter, Not Longer

Cut Down on the Midnight Oil: Study Smarter, Not Longer

midnight oil

Most of us begin hearing about the virtues of ‘good studying skills’ at an early age, along with learning about exercises like burning midnight oil. And like anything else you hear positive things about for years, there is probably some truth to it. Studying is important throughout our middle school and high school years because it helps reinforce classroom learning; along with that, it also helps student to contribute more during class discussions—and activity that can be enjoyable, empowering, and really build confidence. Aside from being older, more experienced, and more educated, most of this is true about why studying is a good idea in law school too; however, while you may have been able to wing it through primary or secondary school, and possibly even parts of college, it is very rare for anyone to be able to sail through law school without studying. This should not be an area where you must be sold though. If you had the interest and motivation to get into law school and attend, most likely you want to do whatever it takes to get ahead.

Studying can be a slippery slope though, and especially if you lose your grip for just a day or two. There will be copious amounts of reading, and staying ahead, or just on top of it all, will be a challenge indeed—at least in the beginning. While you should make time for yourself and never put self-care on the back burner, keep in mind there may just be less time for dinners out, long jogs, Sunday morning with the paper and coffee. All these things are still possible, but you may need to cut down the timing somewhat so that yes, you can fit in activities like outlining your courses and current topics, reviewing so that you further comprehend and retain what you are learning in class, briefing cases, and continually organizing notes.

And although you should never stop doing your own outlines and taking your own notes, it can be extremely helpful to swap with a classmate to catch on to other items you may have missed and catch a glimpse of other study techniques. During your study time, avoid overdosing on caffeine, go easy on the snacks and avoid the temptation to eat heavy or greasy meals (especially overloading on fast food), and stay organized so you are not forced to pull all-nighters, which will wreak havoc on your mood and your health, eventually.

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