Extracurricular Activities During Law School? Be Careful with Your Time

Extracurricular Activities During Law School? Be Careful with Your Time

Extracurricular Activities law school

If you have decided to attend law school, chances are you were dedicated to this idea for quite some time, and look forward to extracurricular activities as a balance to your studies. While some students may have known they wanted to be lawyers their entire lives, others come to this serious conclusion during high school, on taking a variety of tests that pique their interest or as they begin speaking with counselors and taking aptitude tests regarding careers.

Pulling it all together for your undergraduate four-year degree is no easy feat though, and law school is no different as you take one giant step further into even higher learning. At California Desert Trial Academy College of Law, the focus on classwork is the same, and incredible dedication is required; however, distance learning gives you the freedom to structure your schedule, with access to your CDTA Class Archives at any time. Because of this, you may also have extra hours in your life for some extracurricular activities that would not be as possible if you attended a more conventional law school. Budgeting your time will be a priority though and could prove more difficult at first as it is left completely up to you with very little supervision.

You may want to join social or study groups with other individuals who share your interests, some of which could be related to the law—even if indirectly. Such activity is a great time to network for the future also, even if not relevant to trial law. You may have a chance to learn more about other areas of practice, too, such as real estate or business law.

Legal writing can also be an excellent way to delve into extracurricular activities that will prove invaluable. Look into the possibility of writing for a legal newspaper, or even an online publication, or a blog. Any type of writing related to the legal system, will assist you in reinforcing critical skills, along with helping you to further establish research and communication skills. Extracurricular activities can also be a great way to get to know your other classmates and relieve stress in a more relaxed setting with others going through the same process you are.

Don’t discount pursuing other extracurricular activities unrelated to law school either. It is vital not to lose your sense of self, although it may be difficult to fit in as much personal recreation as you were used to previously.

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