Good Moral Character is One of the Greatest Traits an Attorney Can Possess

Good Moral Character is One of the Greatest Traits an Attorney Can Possess

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Do you remember when lawyer jokes were all the rage? For the most part, such verbal games paint legal professionals out to be greedy creatures hailing directly from Satan himself—and there are millions of riddles and quips out there. Whether you are in law school or already in practice, it is good to be able to poke fun at yourself, and certainly there are so many attorneys in the work force today that there are bound to be some with less-than-stellar moral character, not to mention poor track records. But in your exposure to other law students, professors, and attorneys you may have gotten to know, most likely you realize these are humans who want to help others—and may devote their lives to doing so.

Many long hours go into law school, and the need for stamina, grit, and determination does not subside after you pass the bar and enter practice. And while you may find yourself becoming a fan of copious amounts of caffeine, if you are as dedicated as so many others in the legal field are, you will probably enjoy the challenge that each day brings. While you must be of ‘good moral character’ for acceptance to a law school like California Desert Trial Academy College of Law or even to take bar, this usually refers to lack of a criminal record or disbarment proceedings anywhere else; however, in the long run, good moral character for an attorney means caring about the other people they are helping and working with, guiding clients in the right direction without bias regarding financial gain, and practicing sound judgment all around. If your goal is money, there are plenty of other careers to enter that yield much greater potential for income.

While law school is challenging in many ways and does require long hours, this will be even more true when you are an attorney. The goal, after working for so many years and paying for so much tuition, is to get out into the world and help people. Like so many other students attending law school with you today, you may feel an intense calling to work in the legal profession. You will be asked to be resourceful and hardworking every day and relied on to solve a multitude of (and prove) different problems. In the end though, that law degree offers you the ability to go forth and change people’s lives.

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