How Do I Find the Best Law School Internship?

How Do I Find the Best Law School Internship?

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Law school can, in many ways, be very confined to campus. If you are in a traditional setting, these means within classrooms and perhaps dorms or apartments—and if you are involved in a distance-learning school like California Desert Trial Academy College of Law, then you may be spending more time at home than you ever have. This all begins to change, however, as you branch out into study groups and start meeting other students, attending school events, and begin getting to know many other people who are interested in the same things you are—most of which will probably pertain to law school, taking the bar, and graduating and starting a career as a trial attorney.

Your first year means a lot of adapting. This means spending as much time or more as you would on a full-time job engaged in going to class and studying, diligently; in fact, just one or two days of getting behind could escalate into serious trouble. As you stay on top of your classes, however, you will also need to stay on top of your plan and attending a suitable law school internship is probably part of that. Will you want to participate in an internship during winter break of your first year or in the summer after? Maybe not—and this may be due to a lack of good positions more than anything else, but also keep in mind how incredibly busy you have been. Any free time should still leave you engaged for law school studies and other time to organize, and firms often are not interested in taking on first-year students because they just don’t have enough knowledge yet.

Networking is the key to finding a good law school internship, in many cases. Although you may be given some good leads (or you may even be completely set up) from your law school, if you want that dream internship, it is probably going to be up to you to get it. Talk to everyone you know, and especially if they have already started or finished an internship, or if they work in a firm. Peruse the classifieds every day and start calling and sending out those resumes in mass mailings—or mass e-mailings. Persistence is usually the key, and with a good internship you may also be on your way to the end goal: a good job!

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