Interviewing for Law School Internships: The Questions You Should Ask

Interviewing for Law School Internships: The Questions You Should Ask


It is very common for law school students to take on internships, and although this may be possible sometimes during the actual school year, if you are attending California Desert Trial Academy College of Law it is recommended that law students take on such endeavors during their breaks. This can be an extremely valuable way to spend your summer or even just a winter break. The law school internship is often the result of heavy networking however, and you may see this in play with many other students as soon as you get into your law school studies.

If you are enthusiastic and enjoy interacting with other students and older legal professionals who may have a great deal to offer in terms of knowledge, you should be able to network your way into an internship that will allow you to explore your interests; in fact, you may want to do several internships in different law firms which allow you to weed out the types of law you do not want to practice. The course you choose could be one that you are committed to for decades, so it is important to explore your interests thoughtfully and wisely.

If you are setting out to be a trial attorney, you have made an exciting career choice. And if you are pursuing an internship in this area, whether you are hoping to intern in a criminal or civil litigation law firm, you may be focused on what questions law firm administrators will ask you at the interview. This will translate further into your post-graduate experiences when you are interview for real jobs too, so just this part alone in choosing to be an intern is a rich experience; however, consider what you need to know before committing to an internship. Free time is a major commodity for law school students, and obviously you must spend it wisely.

Ask about compensation. This is often one of the biggest questions. Many interns do not expect to be paid though, and many law firms do not offer financial compensation because they consider the value to be the privilege of being connected with their firm and gaining real experience that you can also add to a resume.  Also, how many hours will they expect you to be there, and how long will the position last?  Find out what type of law the firm specializes in, and what types of clients they help.

Ask how many hours they would want you to intern per week, and with whom? For a well-rounded internship, you would see most facets of the law firm in action, and work with everyone from receptionists to the head of the firm.

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