Law Internships: A Win-Win for Everyone

Law Internships: A Win-Win for Everyone

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Law school is a journey that begins for many students years before they even begin studying for the LSAT or the state bar; in fact, you may have realized your calling as well before attaining your undergraduate degree at college, hooked on TV shows and movies that featured hotshot lawyers saving their clients—and of course, by default, the world too—in one trial after another. And while most of your time in law school is spent in class or reading or studying, or attending a study group, you may also be worrying about where to do your law internship.

These days, many firms are not interested in taking on first-year law students. In so many cases, they can get more productive work out of students who have attained valuable knowledge beyond the first year. That does not mean you won’t be able to find an internship to enjoy during your winter or summer break in or after your first year, but it may not be the juicy position you have been dreaming about for months. You may be so excited about the prospects of doing well in law school, graduating, and getting a job, that the potential of working in a law firm for your internship—any law firm at all—is a wonderful privilege. And, you are probably right!

The internship is usually a win for everyone involved because work is getting completed and you are learning. In the beginning, you may be a bit intimidated and overwhelmed by the fast pace of a law firm—and the strong personalities of the attorneys in charge. A thriving practice makes the most of every minute of the day, and you may get to see many facets of how the legal business works—from basic administrative duties (which includes learning a variety of different software packages) to helping paralegals and other attorneys, to attending staff meetings, and actually sitting in on meeting with clients too.

If you intern in a firm that specializes in several different areas of practice, this is even better as you will have a chance to consider what interests you the most. Pay special attention that that, as you could hang your shingle out to practice in an area of law that will be yours for many years to come.

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