Organize Better to Have Good Studying Skills in Law School

Organize Better to Have Good Studying Skills in Law School

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The best law students are those who are prepared and organize, exhibiting good studying skills. If you are only prepared to ‘wing it,’ chances are your experience is going to be dismal at best. And while some students may enter law school with you, making you shake your head wondering how they ever expected to succeed after skipping class and finishing assignments in a hit and miss manner, there is no doubt that the task is daunting for all. Most first year law students arrive well-educated on one thing: the enormous challenge ahead.

Being in law school, going to class, and studying is like having a full-time job, and then some. The key is to understand the amount of time you will need to give. With good organizational skills, you should thrive and be able to reduce study stress as much as possible. If you attend all your classes and participate in discussions, perform all the reading, and study in an efficient but comprehensive manner, you should be fine; however, that is all easier said than done. At some point you may get behind—whether due to a heavy load of studying or a personal event that caused you to run late on studying and assignments, whether you may have become ill or had an accident or had to take time out to help a family member.

What you do want to avoid is getting so stressed out and exhausted over studying that you end up sick due to a lack of self-care. There is no denying that the hours will be rigorous, but again, if you take time to set yourself up properly and lay the groundwork for success, your reward is a law degree. In the meantime, outline a schedule for yourself that still allots time with friends and families (it may not be as much as you had before, but that is to be expected for a law student), avoid late parties and alcohol, focus on good nutrition and avoid junk food, try not to overdo it on caffeine (whether in the mornings or when you feel like you need to burn the midnight oil), and even though you may not have exorbitant amounts of time to devote to the gym, fit in regular exercise—whether it is as simple as a walk or a jog.

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