Success in the Legal Field: Do You Have to Be Aggressive?

Success in the Legal Field: Do You Have to Be Aggressive?

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As a law student, you probably spend a lot of time imagining what it is going to be like to actually get into your career in the legal field and practice as a trial lawyer; after all, this is the whole point of law school: gaining the skills you need to maneuver in the legal system, and hopefully either work for a firm later that challenges and rewards you handsomely, or strike out on your own, perhaps hanging your shingle in your hometown or a neighboring area.

Although quite confident in your identity already, you may wonder if you should alter your style somewhat in acting as a trial attorney. Different legal situations may call for different types of attitude, but in most cases, the general public imagines the trial attorney as a formidable and intimidating, yet charismatic figure. And undoubtedly, as you move forward in your career, you will encounter other attorneys who may swagger into court, acting aggressively simply because they think that is what their clients expect—or they may just have anger issues!

Depending on your personality though and how you want to come across to your clients overall, you will need to figure out what method works for you, and probably through plenty of trial and error. If you are a shrinking violet, trial law may not be the best choice for you—unless the law brings out the tiger in you. Chances are though; you are a go-getter who can’t wait to take some cases to trial.

As a trial attorney, you will need to be forceful to get your point across to the judge in some cases. And in standing up for your client, passion and persistence are often required to see justice served. Clients are often under the impression they need to shop for the most aggressive attorneys, but in the end, they will usually be much more satisfied in working with a legal professional who is personable and confident, empathetic, and can protect their legal rights when they are going through what is often an exceedingly stressful experience.

Aside from any aggressive qualities you may or may not decide to assume during court and interactions with clients and the opposing side, it is important to gain as much experience as necessary in your field, while fine-tuning your communication, writing, and negotiating skills. Being assertive is important, but without good interpersonal communication skills, you will be challenged in the field of law. During your four years at CDTA, you will take numerous courses that prepare you, not only to understand the law and how you are expected to present yourself in a courtroom, but also to gain an understanding of the soft skills like negotiating, writing, communication skills, professional skills, appearance and grooming, and much more.

Are you interested in becoming a skilled legal writer and trial attorney? Our mission at CDTA College of Law is to educate, train, and develop extraordinary legal advocates. Your legal education will be comprised of bar-tested academic subjects, skills training, and values reinforcement. Upon completion of your 4-year course of study, you will be fully qualified to take and pass the California Bar examination. Call us today at (760) 342-0900 or find out more online here.

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