The Benefits Of Online Resources

The Benefits Of Online Resources

The Benefits Of Online Resources

The California Desert Trial Academy (CDTA) is on the cutting edge of modern, progressive 21st Century legal education. The ability to connect with students in the digital age and supplement classroom learning through the internet is an immensely valuable tool. At the California Desert Trial Academy, we are continuously seeking ways to better utilize online resources for the benefit of CDTA’s growing student body.

Educating, training, and developing extraordinary advocates is our mission. The CDTA optimizes the use of online resources to pursue this mission to its fullest. We’ve designed our state-of-the-art technology platform to allow students to stay connected and informed around the clock. For students to access CDTA’s online resources, they are only required to have a relatively modern computer, one that is no more than five years old.

CDTA utilizes modern technology from Zoom to enable students to attend classes online. Zoom gives students the opportunity to interact with professors and fellow students, just as they would in person, in class.

Through CDTA Online, students can learn 24/7 via recorded live sessions. Missed a class? All CDTA classes are recorded, archived, and, therefore, easily accessible to students in the future at any time. The availability of these online resources is particularly helpful to students preparing for midterms and final exams. This is a significant mechanism that allows students to “attend” law school in real-time at their utmost convenience.

In addition to archived classes, CDTA tuition includes physical materials and online study aids that are also available at any time of day, seven days a week. These resources include LexisNexis, Exam Soft, and Fleming’s Fundamentals of Law Course Reviews and Legal Writing Course.

LexisNexis is the premier legal research platform and helps students learn how to research and apply case authority. Most students will continue to use this same legal research software after graduation.

All practice, midterm, and final examinations at CDTA are administered through ExamSoft. With the valuable data it provides, this secure assessment software helps CDTA monitor and continue to improve how students learn. ExamSoft is the only software used in the administration of the Baby Bar and General Bar exams. Repeated exposure to the format on ExamSoft builds the confidence of students for future bar exams.

Fleming’s Fundamentals of Law provides a two-day, twelve-hour writing workshop that teaches the three necessary skills every law student must learn and refine to successfully answer essays for law school and bar exams. Students receive both the live and online home study version of the workshop, as well as Fleming’s Fundamentals of Law course reviews. These include every bar-tested subject condensed into a substantive review with complete and detailed outlines.

The California Desert Trial Academy was founded with a progressive vision of legal education. This vision includes the maximum utilization of technology to help students achieve their professional goals. At CDTA, we offer online legal resources that provide convenience, repetition, and hands-on training 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At CDTA, we train, educate, and develop students to be exceptional attorneys and outstanding trial advocates. Call us today at (760) 342-0900 or find out more online here.

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