Understanding Ethics & Professional Conduct in the Legal Realm

Understanding Ethics & Professional Conduct in the Legal Realm


While there are so many valuable courses that you will take during your four years of law school, they are all important. As an online student at California Desert Trial Academy College of Law it will be critical to your success that you become extremely organized and disciplined about not only your studying, but attending all your classes. There may be some courses that appear easier than others, or frankly, you may just consider them a waste of time; however, every class is integrated into your coursework for a reason, and many of these reasons you may not understand until later when you find yourself applying knowledge you learned while at CDTA, using it for real-life issues that could have the potential to turn your life upside down if you did not possess the wisdom that is often gained from getting a good education.

We all know that one of the most important qualities an attorney must possess is good ethics, and throughout life you may have heard others discussing whether or not a certain action was ethical—or an individual may have stated they could not do something ‘in good conscious.’ And although you’ve probably heard many horror stories about ethics issues in the professional world, and some of those involve attorneys being disbarred or receiving various punishments for misdeeds, most attorneys do want to help people and that is the joy—and reward—of their career.

Ethics has everything to do with your reputation, and it is vital to understand what types of ethical issues may test you as you work in the legal realm. There are many real-life issues that may leave you wondering what to do, leaving you to do what you think is best in the end. There are many challenges when it comes to ethics, not only in the business of being an attorney but in life overall. Your ethics class most likely will be challenging and difficult, but fun, and probably somewhat mind-blowing too. You will need to put your critical thinking skills to work, and this will go for the professional conduct coursework which also speaks to taking the higher ground in ethics, morals, and exemplary behavior.

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