What Type of Law Practice Do You Envision?

What Type of Law Practice Do You Envision?


If you are thinking about enrolling at California Desert Trial Academy College of Law, or if you are already a law student there, being a trial lawyer is probably the law practice you envision. You aren’t alone, as many rising students envision a career presenting cases for trial in the courtroom. This means interviewing your client extensively so that you understand the case comprehensively and can launch a strong defense—speaking in public, thinking quickly in the heat of the moment, and addressing the jury. Being a trial lawyer means you have the chance to make an impact on society in so many cases, and perhaps for decades to come.

During your four years of legal learning, however, you may begin thinking about other areas of law too. You may be swayed during a summer internship, working in a law firm that specializes in litigation, bankruptcy, business, tax law, divorce, or other more complex areas like intellectual property. You may also find yourself enthralled with the work that public defenders do, or perhaps a non-profit or government entity; in fact, a huge number of jobs are available for lawyers in both litigation and lobbying in the nonprofit realm, along with positions in legal aid, advocacy, and more.

No matter what type of law you choose, there are different options within each area. You may choose to work in a large metropolis, or your small hometown, you may choose to work for a large firm or hang out your own shingle, or you may decide to take on an international position. Choosing which area of law to practice is on a different scale of magnitude even from deciding on a major or law school. This could deeply affect the rest of your life, the lives of others, and your satisfaction level for many years to come.

Some law students may really struggle with the area of law they are interested in, while others may seem to have set their course at a young age. Other major points to consider are how strenuous a workload you want to take on, how much money you hope to make, and how much time you envision spending with others in your workday—as in being at the courthouse and in the courtroom routinely, or sitting in an office reading for 90 hours a week.

Our mission at CDTA College of Law is to educate, train, and develop extraordinary legal advocates. Your legal education will be comprised of bar-tested academic subjects, skills training, and values reinforcement. Upon completion of your four-year course of study you will be fully qualified to take and pass the California Bar examination. Call us today at (760) 342-0900 or find out more online here.

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