Online Law School: Will I Need to Take the LSAT

Online Law School: Will I Need to Take the LSAT

online law school

Are you thinking about going to online law school in California? If so, you may be one of the many prospective students in the US now turning to distance learning to achieve a degree, and even an intensive one like a Juris Doctorate. Most of us lead hectic lives even without attending school, and you may be looking for a way to make education your priority but in ways that are more conducive to your lifestyle. But keep in mind that just as working at home can be every bit as rigorous and serious as going to an office—so can distance learning, with the classroom coming to you.

To attend online law school at California Desert Trial Academy College of Law, for example, you must pass the LSAT, be at least 18, and meet the following requirements also:

  • Complete two years of undergraduate college work with 60 approved credits, an AA degree from a community college in California, or complete acceptable equivalency tests instead
  • Complete the admissions application
  • Complete comprehensive CDTA admissions application if qualifications are met

Online opportunities offer us so much today, and especially for taking classes and achieving new degrees, offering benefits like:

  • The ability to structure a flexible structure
  • Avoiding the expense of a commute, including wear and tear on your vehicle and travel time
  • Working around other jobs and even primary careers
  • Eliminating childcare expenses, and spend more time with your family

For many, the law degree may be the beginning of a new career, or a way to enhance a current one. Other students may have just graduated from a two- or four-year program and have set their sights on the law. Four years at California Desert Trial Academy College of Law, will include intensive training with 15 weeks in the fall semester and 14 weeks in the spring semester. Classes in ‘hard skills’ include contracts, wills and trusts, real property, business enterprises, torts, criminal law, civil procedure, constitutional law, evidence, and more. Classes in ‘soft skills’ include negotiation training, writing, research, critical thinking, core values, creative thinking, appearance and professionalism, time management, and more.

Are you interested in becoming a trial lawyer through distance learning? Our mission at CDTA College of Law is to educate, train, and develop extraordinary legal advocates. Your legal education will be comprised of bar-tested academic subjects, skills training, and values reinforcement. Upon completion of your four-year course of study you will be fully qualified to take and pass the California Bar examination. Call us today at (760) 342-0900 or find out more online here.

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