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Studying Hard Skills—The Difference Between Civil & Criminal Procedure

hard skills

Your law school experience will teach you both hard skills such as evidence, contracts, torts, civil and criminal procedure, and soft skills. Soft skills include relationship building, negotiation, and teamwork. As a student at the California Desert Trial Academy, College of Law, you will learn all of the required hard skills during your course work during the week and practice sessions on Saturdays. Soft skills are emphasized during your Saturday Enrichment program where you will network with the local legal community and learn valuable negotiating and practice skills. It is imperative that you develop a strong understanding of both civil and criminal...

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Preparing to take the California State Bar

State bar

For most students attending law school today, and for those enrolled at California Desert Trial Academy College of Law, taking the California State Bar Exam is the end of a long educational journey, testing would-be lawyers before they head out into the legal world to take on clients and hopefully flourish as well-rounded trial attorneys. The California Bar Exam is the test of all tests, although it certainly is not unheard of for a bright student to fail and have to take it again under what is usually significant stress; in many cases, students who find exciting job opportunities in...

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