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Streamline Studying By Understanding Your True Learning Styles

learning styles

Most of us have different learning styles, with the brain functioning in a very complex manner to memorize and retain important information. It can become easier to understand how to study, though when you begin paying closer attention to how you seem to learn best. Throughout the years, this may be on a trial and error basis, and your learning styles may vary depending on the content or degree, but as you enter your first year of law school at CDTA (looking forward to sizeable amounts of reading assignments and coursework overall), consider some factors: You may be an auditory...

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Time Management & How to Be More Effective Daily

Time Management

If you are new to law school, one thing is for sure: time is valuable, and there is never enough of it! Your greatest wish may be to churn out more hours in the day (along with more study time), but without the help of the magic genie, most likely that isn’t going to happen. Like most students before you, however, you will adapt, learning how to manage the 24 hours you are given better each day, with those time management skills being some of the most important strengths you will gain to help you in your law career later. ...

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