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At the Bargaining Table? Know Your Opponent!

bargaining table

Whether you are a new law student or a seasoned attorney, you may find negotiating to be exciting. While this may seem intimidating or stressful to some—and especially if you have not had much experience at the bargaining table yet—having repeated positive outcomes for your clients can be extremely rewarding for everyone involved. Each time you enter and complete negotiations, you will learn something, and likely, your confidence levels will rise. Strategy is always key in negotiating. And while you may be tempted to take a more aggressive, competitive approach, working in your client’s best interest, a win-win all around should...

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Patience is a Key Attribute for Master Negotiators

master negotiators

While having and expressing emotions is purely human, it is best to keep most of them well-contained during legal proceedings and discussions with other colleagues who may well be master negotiators. Some level of vulnerability may be helpful as both sides work together in reaching an agreement—and both empathy and sympathy can play a major role in helping you as an attorney to understand all parties involved and create a winning result; however, most of us have seen an outburst or two in the courtroom, in mediation, or just at the bargaining table—and it’s never pretty. Keeping your feelings in check...

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What is Your Negotiation Style?

negotiation style

A good negotiation style can come in handy in both your career, and entire life. But just as your personality differs from everyone else’s, your negotiating style may vary too. As an attorney, you will discover you have to wear many hats throughout the years, according to each case. And depending on what is at stake in a negotiation, if you want to reach your goal, you may need to be adept at employing in a different style to meet the conflict at hand. The Aggressor Perhaps you lean toward an aggressive style in negotiating or must use that tactic to push...

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