Latest On Coronavirus And The LSAT

Latest On Coronavirus And The LSAT

Latest On Coronavirus And The LSAT

State bar examinations have not been the only institutions affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) has also been affected. Undergraduates have also had to deal with the uncertainty of pursuing a legal education. Because of this continuing uncertainty, the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) has chosen to deliver all remaining LSAT administrations through April 2021 through an online, remotely proctored test, instead of in-person.

As a mechanism to enable candidates to take the LSAT and continue moving forward in their quests for law degrees and becoming lawyers, the LSAC developed an online, remotely proctored application called LSAT-Flex. Between May and early October, candidates completed nearly 79,000 LSAT-Flex assessments. The November LSAT-Flex administrations also recently concluded.

The January, February, and April LSAT-Flex administrations will occur during the same week that the corresponding in-person LSAT administrations were scheduled. Most test-takers will test on Saturday or Sunday of the week, with some tests occurring later in the week based on test-taker volume or specific remote proctoring requirements.

Candidates registered for the January-April 2021 in-person LSAT administrations could have opted out by November 13, 2020, and receive a full refund. Those applicants who did not indicate their preference by November 13 were automatically registered for the LSAT-Flex exam that corresponds with their current LSAT registration(s).

Currently, the LSAC is taking the stance that it is still too soon to speculate on whether the LSAT-Flex format will continue to be offered after the COVID-19 pandemic ends and there is no longer a threat to public health and safety. The LSAC is presently focused on trying to ensure that everyone who wants to take the LSAT has an opportunity to test, even during this unprecedented time of disruption because of the pandemic.

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