CDTA Online – Distance Learning

California Desert Trial Academy College Of Law
CDTA ONLINE – Distance Learning FAQ

How is CDTA streaming classes online?

CDTA utilizes cutting edge technology from Zoom to enable students to attend classes online in Real Time. You will have the opportunity to interact with professors and your classmates, ask questions and brief cases just as if you attended in person.

What is CDTA Online?

Our cutting-edge technology platform is designed to support education and collaboration. It lets you to stay connected and informed.

Will Classes be archived for the future?

Yes, all classes are recorded, easily accessible to you and archived for the future. You will find this particularly helpful when preparing for midterms and final exams.

What are the requirements for online?

You must have a computer less than 5 years old, a distraction free space to attend class, and a headset or earbuds.

How do I join online?

Student software can be found here. Students only need to download the Zoom Client for Meetings on a PC or Mac that is less than 5 years old. 

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