About CDTA’s Student Portal

About CDTA’s Student Portal

About CDTA’s Student Portal

The Student Portal of the California Desert Trial Academy (CDTA) website is a primary example of how CDTA is at the forefront of contemporary legal education. The institution of the American law school has been stagnant for over 100 years. It has implemented little change in the way it prepares students to be lawyers. It has employed seemingly antiquated methods of teaching the law. Methods that seemed inconsiderate of the practical considerations of law students and the practice of law.

The CDTA Student Portal provides access to Fleming’s Fundamentals, Adaptibar Online, and the CDTA Online Class Archives. All are available 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. CDTA’s online resources are available to any student who has a relatively modern computer. We consider this to be a device that is no more than five years old.

The Zoom Video Conferencing Application is available at the Student Portal. Using Zoom, CDTA provides students the ability to stream classes online. Zoom technology also gives students the opportunity to interact live with professors and fellow students, just as they would if they were physically present in class. This is just one example of how CDTA utilizes modern technology to enable students to get a legal education at their convenience.

Classroom time is priceless – and expensive. This is what a student’s tuition primarily pays for at the undergraduate or graduate level. Through the CDTA Student Portal, students have access to recorded live classes 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week.

Students may review an archived video of each class as often as they like. If a student believes she missed something in class, she can simply “take” the class again, on a laptop at the coffee shop at noon or on the couch at 3 a.m., wherever and whenever she prefers, wherever and whenever she has the time.

At the California Desert Trial Academy, we are continuously seeking better online tools and mechanisms to serve CDTA’s growing student body. When your mission is educating, training, and developing extraordinary advocates, the optimization of online resources is more than necessary to pursue this mission to the fullest. Our state-of-the-art technology platform makes it easy for students to learn. So easy that it makes students anxious to expand their legal studies.

The California Desert Trial Academy is a progressive law school tailored to meet the needs of anyone who is limited to seeking a legal education at their convenience rather than on a schedule. We emphasize providing an academic experience that emphasizes a practical approach to becoming a lawyer. We believe this is the most efficient and expedient pathway to a successful and rewarding legal career. At CDTA, we train, educate, and develop students to be exceptional attorneys and trial advocates. Call us today at (760) 342-0900 or find out more online here.

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