There are Many Paths To A Meaningful Legal Career – Legal Information/Research

There are Many Paths To A Meaningful Legal Career – Legal Information/Research

There are Many Paths To A Meaningful Legal Career – Legal Information/Research

There are many meaningful career paths for law school graduates, especially those that have utilized their training at the California Desert Trial Academy to become effective attorney-advocates. One such somewhat alternative path for those law students who spend endless hours in the library is working as a legal information professional. While this may be a formal term for a law librarian, it also includes legal research, legal writing, and the analysis of legal information

Law librarians are legal information professionals who work in a variety of library settings including law firms, law schools, courts, government organizations, and the legal departments of businesses and associations. Law librarians perform tasks such as researching, analyzing, and evaluating the quality, accuracy, and validity of sources; teaching and training; writing; managing; and procuring and classifying library materials.

A legal researcher is responsible for doing anything that may help to win a case and ensuring that the attorney of record is prepared for any potential litigation in the courtroom. In general, legal research involves certain tasks from finding general, supporting information on legal topics to primary authorities within specific local jurisdictions. Legal researchers are writers employed by lawyers to provide them with the knowledge and information necessary for success.

Legal Document/Information/Research Careers

Analyst in Social Legislation


Economic Research Analyst

Freedom of Information Act Officer

Law Librarian

Law Library Computer Network Manager

Legal Database Manager

Legal Instrument Examiner

Legal Researcher

Legal Writer

Litigation Support Specialist

Public Disclosure Officer

Senior Paralegal

Social Science Research Analyst

Technical Legal Information Specialist

Legal information work has expanded with the growth in knowledge management and the emergence of a new type of knowledge/information manager, the support professional. The subject knowledge needed for legal information work in law firms is more extensive than for other sectors, thus precipitating the need for this, as well as other types of legal information professionals.

Any student engaged in online, distance learning at a progressive law school like California Desert Trial Academy College of Law, has the freedom to study whenever and wherever, at their utmost convenience. In these current troubled times, CDTA students are at an advantage based on the online resources available to them on campus and at the CDTA website. Call us today at (760) 342-0900 or find out more online here.

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