Things To Do When You Start Law School, Part One

Things To Do When You Start Law School, Part One

Things To Do When You Start Law School, Part One

Getting your law degree requires many things: dedication, hard work, knowledge, and resilience are just a few important words that come to mind. All these traits are important over the entire course of your schooling, but they are also important as you begin your journey.

*Get organized.

Good habits and routines can reduce stress and even make law school seem less intimidating. Avoid any type of procrastination during the first weeks of school. Focus on your present tasks while observing what is approaching in the near but not too distant future. Try to always stay one step ahead of your deadlines. If you successfully manage your current readings and assignments, exams will be less stressful. Deadlines are strictly treated by law school professors. If you submit an assignment past the deadline, this will negatively affect your grades and reputation.

*Meet people.

Meet people and get to know them. Why did they go to law school? What advice can they offer you that will help you on your law school journey and visa versa? Make friends. Avoid becoming a recluse and take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet some interesting, engaging, like-minded individuals. There are few, if any, disadvantages to studying with another person and working together to achieve your common goals. Being anti-social will make things monotonous and uncomfortable.

*Set up automated backups on your computer.

If there is but one thing that you do before law school begins, this should be it. The alternative is losing months, even years, of work in a hard drive crash. What if your hard drive crashed a week before final exams sending all your semester’s hard work into the void? I implore you to NOT let this happen. You can backup to an external hard drive, DropBox, One Drive, or any other backup service.

*Choose a physical activity to participate in regularly.

If you fail to maintain your body with healthy nourishment and regular exercise, you will crash and burn. Choose an activity that you can engage in regularly, fit it into your tight schedule, and adhere to it as you would any academic commitment. When I went to law school, several of us played basketball during the evenings for an hour or two. It was a quick, efficient, intensive workout and easy to do each day. This will also help you socialize and meet people.

*Start Your Outlines.

This starts with taking excellent notes, but you already knew that. Anyone who thinks they can get through law school without taking notes may realize the value of an outline even more than someone who does take notes. However, you cannot write a good outline without taking concise, accurate, and complete notes. And you should start working on your outlines shortly after school starts.

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