Preparing For An Online Bar Exam – Test-Taking Considerations

Preparing For An Online Bar Exam – Test-Taking Considerations

Preparing For An Online Bar Exam – Test-Taking Considerations

In October, California administered its first online bar exam because of the coronavirus pandemic. Currently, in addition to California, states across the country are planning to administer another online bar exam in February. New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Connecticut have all committed to online tests.

The State Bar plans to release results from the February bar exam in mid-May. The results for the October bar exam are expected to be released in mid-January 2021. The State Bar is actively working on shortening the grading timeline so that applicants receive their results on an expedited schedule.

Currently, it appears that the February 2021 bar exam will also be administered online. Taking a bar exam, or any exam for that matter, online may seem like a daunting task. However, the following tips may prove helpful as the test is only four months away.

Act like your taking the exam in-person

Under normal circumstances, most test-takers, especially anyone taking an examination as challenging and difficult as a bar exam, would observe certain protocols immediately before preparing for and taking the test. Getting a good night’s sleep, following a healthy diet, and getting some physical exercise just prior to the test is always advantageous and conducive to taking the test for two or three days.

Avoid creating the illusion of cheating

Probably the largest concern for state bars in administering an online bar exam is the prospect of cheating. Simply because an examinee is taking the test in the comfort of home does not mean that the test is a “take-home” exam. Any test-taker knows that cheating carries serious career-altering consequences. Further, they should know that their remote test-taking will be monitored closely. Stae Bar regulations state that “conduct that violates the security or administration of an examination may be reported to the State Bar as a Chapter 6 Notice or, in extreme cases, may require dismissal from the examination test center.” The California Supreme Court wrote that the “State Bar shall make every effort possible to administer that examination online with remote and/or electronic proctoring.”

Find the optimum location to take the test

This may be the most intriguing tip because it means that an examinee may take the test just about anywhere where he or she is comfortable. An examinee is in ultimate control of his or her test-taking environment. The key is taking the test in the place where there will be the least amount of distractions.

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