Better Studying: Why Visual Aids Are So Beneficial

Better Studying: Why Visual Aids Are So Beneficial

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Visual aids can be vital in almost every aspect of studying. As a law student, you will be subjected to many basic lectures which are based on a professor speaking and you listening, along with participation from the class. Much of this is supported by text, both before and after—serving as a visual aid, but it is always helpful to have other illustrations too.

Because so much of the key to studying and retention is based on manipulating the mind and the memory, strengthening your abilities, you may find yourself looking for different methods to rely on when learning. Experienced teachers and professors will often use a variety of different methods and media in class as they work to be effective educators who want students to succeed.

Visual aids engage the senses, which also engage the short- and long-term memory. They can also offer a great sense of refreshing change if you have been doing nothing but reading for hours and days.

In class, professors may engage in tools such as:

  • Flow charts
  • Graphs
  • Slide presentations
  • Objects
  • Models

The idea is to create a learning experience that comes alive for the student, grabs their attention, and bottom line, allows them to enjoy learning. In law school, much of the learning you will do is independent, though. While classes and assignments will make up the bulk of your studies, when it comes to retaining information, it may be up to you to supply some visual aids to yourself. You may want to set up your own bulletin board or even a chalkboard if you have room.

Take notes in class, use highlighters, and even different colored markers. If you are a visual learner when you are outlining, it should help you to use many different colorful symbols and diagrams, along with drawing your own intricate flowcharts and other informative types of illustrations. Flashcards are invaluable too, for memorizing important facts. And while it is helpful to use a variety of different studying tools, your most valuable tool will be plentiful quiet time outside of class so that you can focus on the information without distraction.

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