Distance Learning in Law Requires Dedication & Discipline

Distance Learning in Law Requires Dedication & Discipline

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Law school is challenging no matter what campus or method of learning you choose. Famous for shaking students up, even if they were known to be the best in high school and college, law school can be rigorous for everyone. You may be shocked to find that those peers who seem to top you every time with classroom discussions, writing assignments, and more are struggling with their grades in the first year too. And no matter where you are, chances are you will be living and breathing the law. Some of your peers may embrace a work hard, play hard mentality, but chances are you will not have much time for a social life while engaged in law school.

To get positive results, you will need to reach deep inside yourself for a type of discipline you have probably never required before. This means employing some of the following measures:

  • Just do it – like so many endeavors, you may never be organized enough, have your home clean enough, or have everything just the way you like it before you begin studying.
  • Eliminate distractions and temptations – electronics and social media are first on the list here! While they may be helpful in some ways for studying, consider how often you may find yourself getting carried away on Instagram or Facebook or other social media sites. Such activities can soak up an hour before you even realize it. Peace and quiet is the goal for the best studying—which is why you may need to spend as much time in the library as possible.
  • Hang out with the right crowd – reach out to students who have an even stricter sense of discipline for studying, who have even better grades, and can consistently inspire you to do better. Older students are usually happy to give tips and even mentor you along.
  • Avoid late night parties, drugs, and alcohol – in keeping with hanging out with a crowd that will keep you centered, avoid activities that will take your focus from the tasks at hand or affect your health adversely. Get plenty of sleep and have a schedule set for each day in terms of going to class and then studying.
  • Eat well and exercise – while junk food may be convenient (and tempting) and exercise may be the last thing you want to tackle while you are consumed by your studies, taking care of yourself should always be your priority. If you feel better, it will show in your grades.

Last, do reward yourself frequently with breaks to rest and enjoy life. Don’t forget your goals and reach out when you need help. At the California Desert Trial Academy College of Law, we realize that ongoing support from professors and other students is vital to your success during your four years of law school. You will find that CDTA students and alumni form a family-like bond and share their experience, study tips, and advise on balancing school, work, and home life. Our mission at CDTA College of Law is to educate, train, and develop extraordinary legal advocates. Call us today at (760) 342-0900 or find out more online here.

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