The Emotional Side Of Practicing Law: Family Law

The Emotional Side Of Practicing Law: Family Law

The Emotional Side Of Practicing Law: Family Law

The law is never free of emotion since it is the result of the emotional reactions of humans to a given situation. The practice of family law involves serving clients of all cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds at a time when they are coping with and reacting to the disintegration of their families. It requires attorneys to possess a skill set unlike that of no other area of law.

Some in the legal field perceive the practice of family law as requiring a low level of technical expertise, which simply isn’t true. While there is, in fact, much expertise necessary to engage in a successful family law practice, the proficiency required is not necessarily a comprehensive knowledge of the relevant substantive or procedural law, (which is, of course, useful).

However, the skill set required by family law attorneys includes the ability to deal with clients that are in a hyper-emotional state of mind, as well as, when minor children are involved, the ability to focus on obtaining the best possible result not just for the client, but for the family as a unit.

There are few legal conflicts more adversarial than a divorce proceeding or custody/visitation hearing. There are fewer circumstances that invoke greater emotional reactions than child custody or visitation matters. These proceedings involve parents who are potentially facing the loss of custody of that which they love and care for like nothing else in life, their children.

Thus, the existence of children in a domestic relations proceeding will almost always make a client even that much more emotional. As a family splits apart, it is likely that both parents will be fighting for as much time with their children as possible. Any mere likelihood of losing time with their children is sufficient to charge most parents emotionally.

In sum, emotions almost always run fast, run high, and run deep in family law matters.

Attorneys can help the poor and unfortunate who cannot fight solely by themselves. They can help parents fighting for custody of children. Law school provides the tools necessary to practice law, which is serving clients. The California Desert Trial Academy trains, educates, and develops students to be exceptional attorneys and trial advocates. Call us today at (760) 342-0900 or find out more online here.


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